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Title Author Hits
Youth: On Culture, Religion, and Generation Gap Written by Khalid Baig Hits: 370
You CAN do it!!! Written by E.Islam Hits: 267
The month of Sha’bān Written by Rayhaan Docrat Hits: 649
Muslim revert daughter s letter to her parents. Written by Drea DZ Hits: 711
Airplane Written by Unknown Hits: 238
Ahmed Old man Written by Ahmed Jakda Hits: 452
After finishing Salatul ‘Ishaa Written by Administrator Hits: 132
A voice behind a veil Written by Khadijah N Arbee Hits: 730
The Signs of Qiyamah Written by M Afzal Hoosein Elias Hits: 1051
A Bouquet for Mother Written by Unknown Hits: 833

Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq

Birth, Name and LineageSayyiduna Abu Bakr radiya ...

Abu Bakr as-Siddiq radiallaahu 'anhu

Abu Bakr the First Among Men to Enter IslâmAbu Bak...