Ahmed Old man

Ahmed Jakda wrote:

Assalamualykum all, this is a poem I wrote...I think over a year ago.

Hope it benefits, and feel free to forward to whomever you wish.

Ahmed Old man. ....by Ahmed Jakda

 I look at my face in this mirror that is fading and see in my eyes a sliver of confusion that is wading.

These delicate wrinkles of skin speak of years gone by,

 And questions inundate my mind to which I am unable to reply.

My youth was a time of high fervour and boundless freedom,

 The time I spent carelessly,

Exploring this world that was my kingdom.

I spent evenings with friends in nightclubs and bars,

I was a fashionable youth wanting to fly to the unreachable stars.

I had a beautiful girl, who was only my companion and friend,

 But when [with her, I found myself taking the rules to bend.

Maybe I should have considered the consequences of my actions,

 But to do so would mean having to live in boredom, without my entertaining interactions.

I spoke to my parents with anger, hostility and little respect,

And when I felt guilty, I suppressed my thoughts and tried not to introspect.

They spoke to me of fasting and praying five times a day if it were up

To them, they would send me to the Mosque and colour my life grey.

My philosophy was to take this endless life one day at a time, but today

I realize that perhaps this was my gravest crime.

For old age has found me, trapped me into a labyrinth from where there

Is no escape, and my eyes have suddenly opened, discovered that my soul

Was covered by a dark drape.

This drape was ignorance, near-sightedness, and a refusal to pay heed,

And my fate is now confusion about Islam, and the Qur'an that I am unable to read.

Allah, the One, and the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) I believe in,

But I never lived my life as a Muslim, and instead took everyday sin by sin.

Now Allah has commanded death to come and take me, and shaking and fearing,

I find there is no place to flee.

With Him lie control, judgment and my destiny,

 So I raise my hands and pray that He judge's me with sparing scrutiny.

If I could do it again, I would pray every day,

 And acknowledge the fact that I am nothing but clay.

Today is a day of comprehension and many moments of inspiration,

And I understand Allah's Greatness, and that I am a part of his beautiful creation.

He asked of me, was little and deserving, for He is our Creator,

Our Sustainer, and the All-Forgiving.

And I am but a slave with no understanding nor power,

 But within His Being are Grace, Love, and knowledge of the Hour.

I have written this poem for the young generation,

 To give you my wisdom, that this life is but a short duration.

Your days will be over through years and seconds very quick, and unless

You follow Islam; you will be the victim of Satan's trick.

Practice Islam, and by Muslims, who are true,

 And your good deeds will be written, and He will recognize you.

Pray your salat, and in Ramadan fast every day,

 And make a promise to yourself that you will never go astray.

Respect your parents and your children will respect you, and love every Muslim,

It doesn't matter who. Muslims are a brotherhood,

A chain that must be strong, but it can only remain linked if you do your brother no wrong

Your faith will be challenged, the nonbelievers will attack,

 And if you cannot defend, it will be due to the knowledge that you lack.

For Islam is real, a covenant that speaks the truth, so learn all that

You can with the energy of your youth.

Now I must leave you, as the angel of death my eyes can see,

 But before I depart, promise to always remember me.

I am a sinner, an example to all, and on this ground of regret,

I have taken a fall.

Dear Allah, please help me and forgive my ignorance, these tears are real,

And they seek your much-needed assurance.

You are the Merciful, the Compassionate, and the All-Embracing,

And I know that your name is also the All-Forgiving.

This punishment of the grave, I fear very much, so please save my soul

And grant me Your Strength to touch.

Oh Allah, give me passage into your shelter of love and send me to this

Paradise where I may fly like a dove.

This is my final breath, my final word, as I leave you now, please

Ponder upon what you have heard.

To those who wish to listen, I am a self-appointed ambassador,

Saying there's none worthy of worship but Allah,

And Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is His Messenger.