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Mufti Taqi Usmani (scholar from Pakistan) said: 'One of my elders related to me an incident in which there is a lesson for us. He had a friend in London looking for a job. He had a beard. He went for an interview where he was told that he could not work with a beard so he should shave it. Now he was in a fix whether to shave his beard or not. He went elsewhere searching for jobs for a few days but did not succeed. In the end he decided to get rid of his beard so that he could get that job. He went back to that place where he had gone earlier. The person who had interviewed him asked him why he had come. He said: 'You told me to shave my beard to get this job so I have done that.' He asked him, 'Are you Muslim?' To which the man said, 'Yes.' Then he asked, 'Did you think keeping a beard was necessary or unnecessary?' He said, 'I considered it necessary that is why I kept it.' The reply he got was, 'You knew that God had commanded you to keep a beard. It was God's order and yet you ignored it just because I asked you to. This means that you are not faithful to God, and if someone is not faithful to God, he can also not be faithful to his employer. Therefore we cannot hire you for the job.' He lost his beard as well as the job.' (Discourses on Islamic way of life, vol 1, p106)

If you please Allah SWT everything else will fall in to place, if you please everything else, you will lose it and earn Allah SWT's displeasure!