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The Farewell Matric Dance Party (& other Disco /Rave parties)


It is the time of the year again when scholars throughout the country will be studying hard and doing last minute cramming to ensure that they pass their final exams so that they can go to the next grade. However , for matriculants there is’nt another ‘grade’ and the end of the schooling career  has a special significance for the following reasons :


  1. (1)this is a “do or die” time for matriculants : no matter how well or poorly you have done in your school career , this is the year where you make it or break it
  2. (2)many scholars understand the importance of getting good grades in Matric , because without a Matric certificate , a job hunter has a very slim chance of obtaining a suitable employment; hence , many people are stressed out at this time of the year
  3. (3)the school years are coming to an end –no more homework, no more teachers, no more heavy school books to carry , no more uniforms
  4. (4)as a result of the above , it has become traditional in many schools to celebrate this completion of a 12 year career by having a farewell dance party


Dance party and posters advertising such events are common occurrences . The wide publicity of such events should propel us to ponder over the permissibility of such events from an Islamic point of view & not simply accept it because it is advertised.Let us examine a typical farewell dance party and grade the activity according to what is permitted in Islam



Dancing              Un-Islamic

Inter-mingling of sexes  Un-Islamic

Availability of Alcoholic drinks    Un-Islamic

Availability of drugs        Un-Islamic

Possibility of sex or drugged rape            Un-Islamic

Girls wear the latest mini or thigh slits with low neck-lines            Un-Islamic


It is clear from the above examples that a typical Matric Dance party is not based on Islamic Value Systems. Other cultures and Religions can do what they please and we should respect their freedom of choice. However , showing respect for another Religion or culture does not mean that we should emulate their behaviour. As Muslims , we have a moral and social responsibility to ensure that our children do not follow the latest fashion trends which are based on Western Morals or which contradict the guidelines contained in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed (SAW). Furthermore ,  additional problems can  arise from such parties such as :


  1. (1)parents are forced to spend lots of money so that their son or daughter can buy the most expensive outfit to win the prize for the ‘best dressed couple”
  2. (2)many girls are unwittingly raped when they are offered cold-drinks (such as Coca-Cola and Fanta etc) which contains drugs
  3. (3)some boys get drunk and then drive home thus endangering their own lives as well as the lives of innocent bystanders
  4. (4)the environment of loud music , cigarette smoking , drugs and dancing , can easily tempt young couples with hyper-excited hormones to get involved in activities that may either result in an unwanted pregnancy or that they may regret for the rest of their life




  1. (1)Pray 2 Rakaats to thank Allah (SWT) for being so Kind and Merciful to you by giving you the opportunity to study and complete your Matric. Give some thought to the millions of Muslims elsewhere in the world who are suffering severe hardships either in the grip of war or poverty so -much -so ,that they do not even know what a school is or what it means to have an education
  2. (2)Parents should also pray and thank Allah (SWT) for granting this opportunity to their son or daughter since all success comes from Allah (SWT) and the prayers of parents on behalf of their children is accepted by Allah (SWT) , Insha-Allah
  3. (3)The matriculants should realize that even though the matric exam signifies the culmination of many years of hard work and study , the end of the Matric signifies the beginning of a new life. With this new life-free membership to an exclusive club called “adulthood” which means a life of responsibility and accountability.
  4. (4)Life is full of challenges , hardships , joys and sorrows. Allah (SWT) places everyone through trials and tribulations and we have to persevere patiently . Many times , you will look back at your school years and say “those were the best years of my life “ , even though at the moment , you will be happy just to be finish with school. In fact , the real hard work starts now. The challenges & responsibility of lifemore strenuous than school, but the lessons learned in school such as discipline, hard work , perseverance, teamwork, etc are the tools that one uses to solve life’s problems
  5. (5)Whether you decide to go to University , college , technicon , work for someone or start your own business , please remember to work hard to the best of your ability , strive and struggle in your chosen profession and be proud to be a Muslim. Conduct all your business affairs with sound and honest transactions that are based on Islamic principles




I hope and pray to Allah (SWT) to give you Guidance and Wisdom in your forthcoming exams. I also pray to Allah (SWT) to give Guidance to the Ummat of Rasullallah (SAW) throughout the world , so that the younger generation of Muslims become experts in all fields of Knowledge and that we as Muslims must regain the custodianship of knowledge and that we should be world class leaders in all fields of endeavours and that all our actions must be firmly rooted in the Guidance from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Mohamed (SAW) who is our Perfect Example , Guide and Leader. AMEEN.