A mother is someone who cares for you for an unlimited amount of time.

They go through so much pain just to make you come to life. They feed

You, bath you, care for you, teach you your first words, teach you to walk and crawl, and much, much more.

Your mother cares for you more than anyone in this world. They go through so much to give you life but, when they hold that bundle of joy and think about what they have brought into this world they feel all that pain is worth it! Every mother is like one beautiful angel, someone who cares for you no matter how naughty and stubborn you are.

We should never trouble our mothers or do anything they would not want us to do to them. We should read this dua for them and pray that Allah keeps our parents safe for the rest of their lives and Allah gives them Jannat-ul-Firdous, Ameen!